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Feature of the week 2014:

Photographed below is a range of jewellery we have handmade either for stock or for a customer to their specification. 

Saturday 20th December 2014:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery special set which was collected today by a very happy customer! A couple came in with an LMG insurance card after their jewellery had been stolen. They saw a bangle in the window which they liked but was in pink sapphire. The lady asked if it was possible for us to change the stone and we, of course, said yes. She ended up not only ordering a 9ct yellow and white gold emerald and diamond bangle from us but also a 9ct yellow and white gold emerald and diamond matching ring, earrings and a pendant! A gorgeous set which is totally unique to her and exactly what she wanted. They look amazing together!

Saturday 13th December 2014:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery one off. A lady came in with 4 loose diamonds and wanted them used in a modern style half eternity ring. At Bickerton Jewellery, we pride ourselves on our handmade pieces and therefore were able to design a range of different ideas for her and she chose this one; we supplied the centre diamond weighing 0.50cts and colour and clarity matched to her original diamonds. A beautiful and eye catching piece!

Saturday 6th December 2014:

A lady who has been a customer for approximately 28 years (!) had a very special birthday today! Having made her engagement ring 28 years ago and innumerable pieces since, her husband visited our shop secretly to commission a one-off piece of jewellery for her special birthday. This is the finished result- a beautiful, unique piece which she absolutely loves!

Saturday 29th November 2014:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery one off. In stock, at the moment at £495 including a chain, this beautiful pendant is in 9carat yellow gold with rhodalite garnets in. This pendant is antique style and can be handmade with any stones or with the addition of other stones (ie. pearls/diamonds etc). A beautiful Christmas present for a lady in your life!

Saturday 8th November 2014:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery special. A beautiful amethyst and diamond half eternity ring set in 9ct yellow gold with chunky edges. Amethysts are a beautiful purple colour which look fantastic when set in yellow gold. A modern, special piece made for a customer to their specifications.

Saturday 1st November 2014:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery one off. A customer visited our shop with her engagement ring (cluster at bottom) and her wedding ring (plain shaped band in centre). She wanted a shaped half eternity made to fit with her existing bands. At Bickerton Jewellery, we are able to categorise and value the diamonds used in existing jewellery and then source matching diamonds for new jewellery pieces. This was done with this piece of jewellery. Furthermore, we are able to ensure that the stones stretch the desired distance across the finger (this customer wanted a half eternity ring and therefore the diamonds were sourced to fit half way across the lady's finger). This is a beautiful half eternity ring which fits snugly with the lady's existing jewellery and matches perfectly.

Saturday 18th October 2014:

Photographed are 3 rings which a customer dropped into our show room to be used in a new cluster ring. At Bickerton Jewellery, we are able to design new pieces using old pieces and then handmake a piece to your design. This lady chose a beautiful new cluster ring with diamonds set in the shoulders too. An amazing use of 3 old rings which she no longer wears!

Saturday 11th October 2014:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery special; one of our bubble range. This pendant is in stock in our showroom, handmade in 9carat white gold with diamonds and pink sapphires. However, this pendant is also available in other coloured stones and metals as required. A beautiful piece which is unique to Bickerton's! 

Saturday 20th September 2014:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery one off commission. A lady bought in her Mother's old ring and wanted it altered into something more modern. Photographed here is the cluster ring in 18ct yellow and white gold before hand and then the finished 18ct white gold half eternity grain set diamond ring to the customer's specifications. A beautiful final product using diamonds from a sentimental piece of jewellery- a lovely way to always have those who are special with you.

Saturday 13th September 2014:

Photographed is a beautiful Bickerton Jewellery half eternity ring hand made in 18ct yellow and white gold with amethysts and diamonds. The diamonds are grain set to make them look more sparkly and bigger whilst the amethysts are princess cut which really shows off the deep purple colouring of them. The perfect addition to your jewellery collection!

Saturday 6th September 2014:

This week, we have been working on a beautiful handmade ring using a customer's old diamonds from inherited rings. Shown are the original 18ct yellow and white gold mounts which the diamonds came from and the finished 18ct white gold dress ring with the diamonds rub over set in. A beautiful one off piece and a fantastic way of using jewellery left to you which isn't your style or which you wouldn't personally wear. A lovely way to keep those who have gone with you.

Saturday 30th August:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery special. A lady visited our shop and saw a moon stone pendant in sterling silver but wanted it in 9ct yellow gold. We were able to replicate exactly this pendant in moon stone and add citrines and peridots to the pendant. A unique, chunky and one-off piece which will certainly catch people's eye and be a talking point whenever it's worn!

Saturday 16th August 2014:

The late Mick Bickerton started Bickerton Jewellery over 50 years ago and realised there was a gap in the market for jewellery for regiments in the army. Since then, Mick and now Stephen have worked tirelessly to create handmade brooches, signet rings, pendants, cufflinks, kilt pins, lapel studs, tie stickpins amongst many others for over 90 regiments.
Photographed is Bickerton Jewellery's 14th 20th King's Royal Hussars brooch set with diamonds, rubies and sapphires with red enamel in 18carat yellow and white gold. A beautiful, eye-catching piece.
For a price, please contact Stephen on 0121-551-0509 or email

Saturday 9th August 2014:

Photographed is an 18ct white gold one off piece handcrafted by Bickerton Jewellery's talented craftsmen. A lady wanted two interlocking half eternity rings which could be worn independently of the other or together. These two rings are 3mm wide with diamonds set across the front half of each band weighing a total of 0.35cts each ring (0.70cts the pair of rings). They interlock to create a neat, modern and chunky diamond dress ring or can be worn independently for a more dainty, classical look. Beautiful!

Saturday 26th July 2014

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery unique piece. A lady bought in some design ideas about a sapphire and diamond dress ring she wanted to be made. Here at Bickerton Jewellery, we discussed pros and cons of each design and chose this one. A beautiful, one-off piece which catches everyone's eye!

Saturday 19th July 2014:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery special. Set in 18ct white gold, this graduated half eternity ring uses 3 rubies weighing 0.80cts the set and 2 princess cut diamonds (colour G clarity VS2) weighing 0.40cts.

Saturday 5th July 2014:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery special. A customer visited our shop wanting a butterfly pendant and this is the finished result in 9carat white gold. Beautiful and intricate, this pendant can be worn at any time for any occasion!

Saturday 21st June 2014:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery one-off handmade for a customer to their specifications. Made in 9ct yellow and white gold, this leaf ring has 2 round cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.10cts the pair. A beautiful, unique ring which is sure to catch the attention of everyone around! 

Saturday 14th June 2014

A beautiful one-off piece hand-made for a customer to match a bangle she already owned. Her bangle is in 9ct yellow gold with pink sapphires in this wavy effect and so Bickerton's designers were able to draw up a range of ideas and she chose this beautiful pendant on a collarette in 9ct yellow gold. A perfect match and a unique piece which she can wear day-in-day-out or just for special occasions.

Saturday 7th July 2014:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery one off. A couple came in looking for a wedding ring to fit with the lady's engagement ring but everything they had tried on left a small gap between the two rings. Bickerton Jewellery staff were able to hand make a shaped wedding ring to fit with the engagement ring perfectly, first in silver, at which time the lady made a few changes to the thickness of the band and the setting of the diamonds. We then handmade it from the silver model in platinum. As you can see, the rings fit perfectly together and look like a flawless set!

Saturday 31st May 2014:

Have a unique shaped engagement ring? Simply bring it in with you and our Bickerton craftsmen can design and handmake the perfect wedding band to fit with it, either plain, with diamonds or as a claw set half eternity (as pictured below). This ring is made with a central round brilliant cut diamond and then 4 marquise shaped diamonds set at angles in order to fit perfectly with the lady's engagement ring.

Saturday 24th May 2014:

Photographed below is a pair of handmade 9ct yellow gold cufflinks with hand engraving on. Bickerton Jewellery use a hand-engraver who can engrave almost anything. These cufflinks are engraved with the initials of the bride and groom and of the date which they got married on (unfortunately the gentleman lost his originals so we have handmade an exact replica for him!). They are chain linked and are the perfect wedding present for the groom! Alternatively, a silver version would be perfect for the best-man or fathers.

Saturday 17th Mary 2014:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery special. This pendant is 9ct yellow gold with a pear shaped opal and a round cut diamond weighing 0.10cts. In 9ct yellow or white gold, with a chain of around the thickness of that pictured (16") is £360.00.

A beautiful, unique pendant which will catch everyone's eye!

Saturday 10th May 2014:

Photographed is Steve's daughter, Charlotte's, pendant which she had for her Birthday. It is made in 9ct yellow and white gold and is actually an old pair of Charlotte's earrings set on top (diamonds weighing 0.40cts the pair) and a blue sapphire set below. The chain is a barley-corn chain. 
Bickerton Jewellery refurbish, remodel and remake jewellery and can also use your old stones in any piece. Furthermore, our craftsmen can design an individual piece for you as well; why not bring your old jewellery in which you no longer use and see what Bickerton's craftsmen can magic up for you?!

Saturday 5th April 2014:

Photographed is a beautiful Bickerton Jewellery engagement ring made to a customer's design which he had seen in a high-street jewellers. Bickerton Jewellery are able to perfectly replicate a piece of jewellery, meaning that the gentleman was able to choose the colour and clarity of the diamonds too, seeing them before they were mounted. 
Often times, Bickerton Jewellery's price is a fraction of the high-street jeweller's price! It's well worth getting in touch for a quote from one of our craftsmen who would hand-make the piece for you. 
And, in the month of April, the birthstone is diamond! So give that special lady in your life the birthday present of a lifetime!

Saturday 29th March 2014:

Photographed is a beautiful 18ct yellow and white gold ruby and diamond pendant on an 18ct thick collarette. The pear shaped ruby weighs 1.7cts and the marquise diamond weighs approximately 0.25cts. This pendant is an elegant and a one off for Bickerton's. Perfect for a ruby wedding anniversary present!

Saturday 15th March 2014:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery stock item which Steve handmade in amethyst as an inexpensive engagement ring. This ring is currently made in 18carat white gold and is amethyst and diamond. This ring is currently priced at £1670 and is large, eye-catching and a very unique engagement ring! This ring, however, can be made in any stones. In stock, we have blue topaz, aquamarine and green tourmaline just waiting to be set into rings just like this one! So, for a special, unique and inexpensive (yet eye-catching) engagement ring, this design is perfect for you!

Saturday 8th March 2014:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery one off. A beautiful pair of earrings consisting of 3 round cut diamonds per earring and a trilliant diamond dropper. These earrings are perfect for that special meal out or a formal 'do'. These unique earrings are sure to catch people's attention!

Saturday 1st March 2014:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery wedding ring which was handmade from a picture that a gentleman bought into our show room. We are able to perfectly copy and jewellery and therefore the gentleman got exactly what he wanted! Furthermore, we can often manufacture jewellery for less than other high street jewellers and therefore it's well worth a visit to see us! He was absolutely over the moon with his wedding band and said it was better than he had expected! 

Saturday 22nd February 2014:

The feature of  the week this week is not just one piece of jewellery; it is a whole set! At Bickertons, we handcraft pieces to customer's specifications and can also design other pieces to match existing ones. Lots of our customers decide to have sets of jewellery to wear together rather than lots of one off pieces. Photographed is just one example of a popular set of jewellery which Bickerton Jewellery handmake on our premises. Set in 9ct yellow gold, this jewellery has pear shaped rubies and round cut diamonds. We currently make (as photographed) a pendant, bandle, ring and earrings to match each other, though other pieces can be handmade if desired. So if you're looking for something special to give your loved one, why not buy or order the start of a jewellery set and have all your presents for years to come sorted?! 

Saturday 15th February 2014:

Photographed is a beautiful Bickerton Jewellery special. Set in 9ct yellow gold, this beautiful pear shaped sapphire is mid-blue in colour and is set beneath a marquise shaped diamond which is set in 9ct white gold. A beautiful pendant for any occasion!

Saturday 18th January 2014:

The next birthstone of the year (February) is amethyst, a beautiful, deep purple stone. The ring photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery special which is available in many different stones but is photographed in amethyst and diamond set in 9carat white gold. This ring is in stock at the moment in 9carat yellow and white gold.

Priced at £390, this ring would make a lovely birthday present to any lucky lady who is born in February. We can resize this for you to any finger size.

Saturday 11th January 2014:

Garnet is the birth stone of January and photographed is a beautiful Bickerton Jewellery special. This pear shaped garnet is set in 9carat white gold and is attached to a 9carat white gold cross set with 6 round cut diamonds. Currently, this pendant is on a 16" 9carat white gold chain but Bickerton Jewellery handmake all our jewellery on the premises and therefore would be happy to remake this piece in yellow gold or platinum, change the chain or alter the design to suit your specifications. 

Currently, this pendant is in stock for £475.00 and would be the perfect birthday present for any special lady born in January!

Saturday 4th January 2014:

For Christmas, a gentleman wanted to get his wife a diamond ring. He found a picture off the internet of this ring and decided this is what he wanted to have made for his wife. Bickerton Jewellery are able to accurately replicate any piece of jewellery from a photograph, usually for a fraction of the price. 

Our craftsmen found a range of different shape diamonds to the gentleman's specifications and budget and this is the finished result; a beautiful, one off piece which has been handmade to the customer's budget and specifications. His wife loved it! She is a very lucky lady!