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FEATURE OF THE WEEK (June 2011-Dec 2012)

Each week this page will feature a new piece of jewellery that we are currently making. It may be a piece which we shall be putting into stock in our retail shop because we have come across a particularly nice stone, or have just been experimenting with new designs. Or we may feature a bespoke piece made to a customer's specification which we have enjoyed making. Please scroll down the page to see past weekly features.

Satuday 22nd December 2012:

Approximately 3 weeks ago, a couple came into the shop with a very specific idea in mind. They wanted a morganite and diamond cluster ring. Morganite is a natural stone of the Beryl family and it's slightly pinkish hue is similar to that of a pink diamond. Steve got in a couple of morganite stones for the couple to choose from and completed the handmade job yesterday. Our last Christmas order! They came in earlier to collect the ring and they were very pleased with the end result. We wish the couple a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. And all the best for the future in married life.
Saturday 15th December 2012:

This beautiful one off ring is a Bickerton bespoke piece handcrafted to the customer's specifications. There is a pear shaped amethyst weighing 0.70cts and a diamond weighing 0.05cts set in a wire mesh dress ring in 9carat yellow gold. This ring demonstrates Bickerton's fine craftsmen's talent and impeccable attention to detail. 
 Saturday 8th December:

Photographed is a 9carat yellow and white gold handmade pendant with a garnet in the centre weighing approximately 0.40cts and 2 round cut diamonds weighing 0.25cts the pair. This pendant is a Bickerton one-off, handmad
e using a customer's old stones and gold. At Bickerton's we do a lot of recycling old jewellery and can design a selection of pieces using your stones and gold for a minimal cost. A beautiful, one off piece for every day wear.
Saturday 1st December 2012

 Photographed is a Bickerton special which can be made in any metals. The ring pictured is a 9carat yellow and white gold gent's dress ring (though it could be worn as a wedding band) with 2 diamonds weighing 0.20cts the set (one in each band). The bands are completely separate and therefore can be worn together or apart. One of the bands pictured is satin finished for an ultra-modern, one off look. 
 Saturday 24th November:

Photographed is a beautiful tahitian pearl pendant. The pearl in this pendant is naturally brown and therefore very rare and beautiful. The pearl is set with diamonds above as a dropper pendant though can be done as a single stone pendant. This pendant is a one off piece and can be worn 'going out' or day to day as brown and diamonds go with any outfit!! The perfect Christmas present for your loved one!
Saturday 17th November 2012:

Pictured is a beautiful handmade 18carat yellow and white gold diamond solitaire. The diamond is marquise shaped and is colour G clarity VVS2. This customer was proposing to his girlfriend but wanted something different. We drew some simple designs for him and he trusted our judgement. This is the outcome, a beautiful, one off engagement ring. She said YES! Of course!
Saturday 10th November: 

Pictured is a Bickerton Jewellery one off. A gentleman visited the shop and spoke direct with Steve about having a golden topaz and diamond 3 stone ring made. After designing several options, Steve came up with t
his more art deco, modern design and the gentleman loved it. We then took the liberty of getting in a selection of golden topaz and diamonds for the gentleman to see (golden topaz is a yellow-peach colour) and the gentleman was able to choose and imagine the stones in a finished setting thus meaning he was involved in the handmaking process from the beginning right through. As is always true of Bickerton's, we handmade the ring on a no obligation basis and the man simply loved it. The simplicity of the design makes it wearable every day and yet the fact that it is handmade and thus bespoke and one-off makes this ring the perfect, affordable Christmas present for your loved one this Christmas. We can make this design in any coloured stone and would make a particularly stunning engagement ring in sapphire or ruby.
Saturday 3rd November 2012: 

The birthstone of November is topaz. Topaz, generally, is mined in the Topaz mountains in Utah and comes out colourless or grey and is then heat treated to give it it's bright colour. Colours vary from orange to blue t
o red to pink. Featured here is a beautiful blue topaz pendant set with a diamond in a rub over setting. The diamond weighs 0.10cts and the blue topaz weighs approximately 2.10cts. The diamond, as usual, is set in 9carat white gold with the rest of this pendant being 9carat yellow gold. Blue topaz is a beautiful, bright stone, relatively cheap and wearable all the time. This pendant is on an 18" thick 9ct yellow gold chain and is the perfect Birthday or Christmas present.
 Saturday 27th October:

This week's feature is a beautiful 3 row string of Akoya cultured white pearls with a centre pendant with a pear shaped amethyst weighing 1.25cts approximately with diamonds grain set around weighing approximately 0.20
cts the set. This is a relatively inexpensive piece of jewellery but looks the business as we're sure you will agree! Art deco but traditional at the same time, this piece would be the perfect wedding jewellery, black tie jewellery or simply a fantastic Christmas present! Don't forget to get your Christmas orders in early to avoid disappointment! 8 weeks today is December 22nd!
 Saturday 20th October 2012:

Today's feature is another Bickerton one off piece, handmade to the customer's specifications using their centre emerald. Here at Bickerton's, you speak face to face with the craftsmen who will handmake your piece and therefore we are able to listen to your design ideas and draw down different designs. This is the design the customer chose. Set in 18carat yellow gold with 2 diamonds rubover set in 18carat white gold, this ring is a beautiful one off piece. Wearable every day and eye catching, the customer is delighted!
Saturday 13th October 2012:

Photographed is the Murison Family Crest ring handmade by Bickerton Jewellery. When the Murison Family bought us a sketchy photo of their family crest, Stephen was able to draw what he imagined the ring to look like. We then were able to create a stamp for the family and had this seal engraved into the top of a 9carat yellow gold seal style signet ring chosen by the customer. 

At Bickerton's we have a wide range of signet ring styles to choose from and use one of the only hand-engravers left in the Jewellery Quarter. The outcome, we're sure you'll agree, is a beautiful, one off piece of jewellery which is special to your family and is the perfect piece to pass on to future generations. The ring is heavy and thick enough to last hundreds of years!
 Saturday 6th October 2012:

Photographed is a Bickerton one off, handmade on the premises by Bickerton's talented craftsmen. The two pear shaped stones are sapphire and emerald. The stones are rubover set in 9carat rose gold, a slightly pinker metal than regular yellow gold. The two stones are a deep colour and good quality, and with the rose gold surrounding setting, the stones really show up and are striking. The rest of the band is handmade in 9carat white gold. The difference in metal colours makes this an eye-catching one-off piece.Photographed is a Bickerton one off, handmade on the premises by Bickerton's talented craftsmen. The two pear shaped stones are sapphire and emerald. The stones are rubover set in 9carat rose gold, a slightly pinker metal than regular yellow gold. The two stones are a deep colour and good quality, and with the rose gold surrounding setting, the stones really show up and are striking. The rest of the band is handmade in 9carat white gold. The difference in metal colours makes this an eye-catching one-off piece.

Saturday 29th September 2012: 

Photographed is a pair of Tahitian pearl and diamond earrings. In these earrings the top diamonds weigh 0.30cts the set and the second smaller set of diamonds weigh 0.05cts the set. The Tahitian pearls are sourced from Tahiti and are a beautiful grey mottled colour.
These are very clever and the perfect inexpensive present as the larger diamonds in the earrings are actually separate diamond stud earrings. The diamond and pearl droppers hang from the stud meaning that if you know someone who already has some diamond studs you can simply buy the bases. They are a fabulously dressy piece but we also do them in coloured stones, diamonds, fresh water pearls and many more. 
We have already taken 2 orders for these this week ready for Christmas! Get your Christmas orders in quick to avoid disappointment! 72 SHOPPING DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS DAY!
 Saturday 22nd September 2012:

Featured is a handmade Bickerton Jewellery wedding ring made in 9carat yellow and white gold. Each piece has been individually hand carved and then soldered together with rectangular diamonds set in. The customer had a very specific idea in mind and here at Bickertons we were able to come up with the perfect design!

Saturday 8th September 2012:

 Photographed is a Bickerton one-off handmade to a customer's specifications using stones chosen by themselves. A customer visited our show room and workshop with a design in mind, wanting a ceylon sapphire (lighter blu
e sapphire than is usual) and diamond dress ring using 2 sapphires and 3 diamonds. After many sketches being drawn, the customer was happy our craftsmen understood her intention. We got in several slightly different ceylon sapphires for the customer to chose from, and this is the finished result. A beautifully handcrafted ceylon sapphire and diamond dress ring set in 9carat yellow and white gold.
Thursday 30th August 2012:

September's birthstone is sapphire, usually a beautiful deep blue colour. However, Bickerton Jewellery use not only these deep blue sapphires but also yellow and pink and on occasion, if the customer wishes, other coloured sapphires. Photographed is one of Bickerton's handmade pendants using blue, yellow and pink sapphires rub over set in 9 carat white gold and on a 16" white gold chain. Bickerton's craftsmen made this for a customer a few years ago and she loved it so much she agreed for it to be allowed as a Bickerton stock item. Beautiful, handmade and can be altered to any gemstones.
Wednesday 22nd August 2012: 

Photographed is a Bickerton one-off which was handmade to a customer's specifications using his own stones which were of great sentimental value. Hand-carved, the centre white section is 9carat white gold with 18carat 
yellow gold edges. Set in the white section are 4 princess cut sapphires of differing quality which came from a selection of his late-Mother's jewellery. Bickerton Jewellery do a lot of work with sentimental stones and metal as, with a workshop on view, customers are assured that their jewellery does not leave the premises whereas a lot of jewellers have to post out their work to other out-of-shop jewellers.
 Thursday 16th August:

A customer came in to design her engagement ring and liked the idea of having her wedding and engagement ring interlocking. The craftsmen at Bickertons came up with many different designs for her to choose from and she
chose these rings. This is the finished product: a beautiful, modern engagement ring in 18ct white gold with an emerald cut diamond weighing approximately 0.35cts with a split shank. Fitting inside is the customer's 18ct yellow gold flat wedding band to match the engagement ring's design. By using both white and yellow gold, the set really stand out and the interlocking nature is exactly what the customer had in mind. She was thrilled!

Tuesday 14th August 2012: 

August's birthstone is peridot, one of the only gemstones to only come in one colour; light olive green. This semi-precious stone is beautifully clear and bright and therefore looks great in yellow gold in particular. Photographed is a peridot and diamond pendant set in 9 carat yellow gold. This pendant has been handmade at Bickerton Jewellery in our on site workshop and is the perfect Birthday present for anyone born in August!
Saturday 11th August 2012:

Photographed this week is one of Bickerton's handmade one-off dress rings. This pink sapphire and diamond ring is set in 9carat yellow and white gold and was handmade to a customer's specification. A beautiful one off w
hich could be worn as a dress ring of a unique engagement ring and could be made with any coloured stone or diamond. If you, or anyone you know, has a unique, one-off jewellery requirement or design in mind simply send them to our workshop where they can speak face to face with the craftsman who will handmake their piece.
Thursday 26th July 2012:

Photographed is what is commonly called a Russian Wedding ring, otherwise known as a trinity ring or a faith, hope and love ring. According to old myth, the Russian wedding band is made of 3 interlocking individual rings of differing colour to represent the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and the Holy Spirit). The nature of the ring is representative of the eternal, endless cycle of God  according to old legend. Bickertons are one of the only places in the Jewellery Quarter who stock Russian wedding rings so pop in to see us for a quote for your exact specification. Photographed is a Russian band with 3 bands interlocking measuring 2 1/2mm each. We can do this band thicker or thinner to the customer's wishes. Individually handmade, one off pieces are Bickertons' speciality.
Tuesday 17th July 2012: 

A customer came in with 3 diamonds to be mounted into a pendant. Here at Bickertons we were able to give many design examples and she chose the one pictured. Bickertons supplied small diamonds to be grain set in the pendant's loop which is a free moving, hinged piece which can be worn on a diamond necklace (as pictured), a pearl string or a gold wire. In this way, this piece is very versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down. The customer's husband then visited our shop looking for gift ideas and we were able to suggest some matching earrings meaning that she had a set of jewellery to wear together. We matched up the diamonds and set the diamonds in the same way as the pendant. This set of jewellery is a beautiful one off which can be dressed up or down.
Thursday 12th July:

Photographed is a beautiful platinum and diamond cluster which Bickerton Jewellery handmade for a customer. The centre diamond weighs 0.50cts and is certificated as colour E clarity VS1. The surrounding 20 diamonds weigh 0.60cts the set. There are also 10 diamonds in the under setting which weigh 0.08cts the set. The diamonds are set in platinum so as to offer maximum security. This piece is a dazzling one off piece and is sure to be a subject of conversation for years to come!
 Thursday 5th July 2012:
July's birthstone is ruby and therefore our feature this week is this beautiful handmade ruby and diamond pendant. Set in 9 carat white and yellow gold, this pendant holds a pear shaped ruby weighing approximately 1.26cts and is a clear red colour inferring it is a very good stone. The marquise diamond above the ruby weighs 0.25cts and is colour H clarity VS2. Perfectly balanced, this handmade pendant hangs on a 9 carat yellow gold collarette. Ideal for a birthday present or a ruby wedding anniversary gift, this every day pendant is a beautiful piece.
 Thursday 28th June: 

A gentlemen came to the shop with his late Mother's very good diamond. He wanted the diamond set in a dress ring for himself and had been around a lot of places who had attempted to design something but didn't have it quite right. Bickertons came up with several designs and he chose the one photographed. To make sure it was right, Bickerton's handmade the ring first of all in silver so as to ensure it was the right weight, width and setting on the diamond. This is the finished result; a beautifully handcrafted 18carat white gold mount, heavy, hardwearing and secure for his late Mother's diamond to be set in. He is thrilled!
 Saturday 23rd June 2012:

 You may remember that on 16th July 2011 Bickerton's feature of the week was an 18ct white gold half eternity ring using round and baguette diamonds. The ring pictured is a new design based on that ring. A customer visited our workshop looking for an art-deco style half eternity ring using sapphires. None of our stock items were quite what they were looking for, but having being shown the earlier featured half eternity ring, a new design was drawn up and this is the finishing product. Using baguette cut sapphires and round cut diamonds, this ring is set in platinum and is exactly what the customer was looking for. Bickerton Jewellery are always happy to give affordable quotes for one off pieces.

Wednesday 13th June 2012:

 Pictured is Bickerton Jewellery's handmade Household Cavalry seal style signet ring made in 9 carat yellow gold. Bickerton Jewellery specialise in regimental jewellery for over 80 regiments. Furthermore, we have recently donated a sterling silver Household Cavalry ring to their Charitable Fund. This will be auctioned off and we at Bickerton Jewellery hope that it will raise much needed funding for them. The Household Cavalry Central Charitable Fund is an umbrella fund that allows money to be directed to the point of greatest need. Its largest area is the Operational Casualties Fund: during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Household Cavalry has been the most heavily deployed reconnaissance unit, and this has inevitably led to casualties. The Operational Casualties Fund is designed to provide both immediate support to wounded soldiers, and to make long term provision for them and their families. The wider fund also includes funds to support those injured in non-operational areas, such as through training or riding accidents, as well as providing support to serving and former soldiers and their families who have fallen on hard times or require welfare support. Finally, it seeks to secure the Regiment’s long-term financial support through the Household Cavalry Museum, which is designed to provide sustainable income to the Regiment.
Thursday 7th June 2012: 

As summer is approaching (slowly!), wedding ring season is in full swing with couples searching around for that perfect rings to wear for the rest of their lives. Photographed is a recent engagement ring and wedding ring set a customer had handmade for her. Both made in platinum, the engagement ring is a classical round cut diamond in a 6 claw setting. The diamond weighs 0.90cts and was hand-selected by the customer from a range of 8 diamonds we, here at Bickertons, got in for her. She chose a colour H clarity SI2 diamond to be mounted in a handmade shank to her design with a JMB hallmark. The wedding ring was purchased at a later date. The customer wanted the engagement ring to remain the focal point but wanted some small diamonds set in her wedding band and for the engagement ring and wedding ring to fit perfectly together. The wedding ring handmade uses the crossover technique whereby the metal pinches in at the centre so that the engagement ring fits perfectly in the dent. Set with 6 diamonds weighing 0.12cts the set of matching colour and clarity to the engagement ring, these rings promise to be eye-catching one-offs which can be worn day in day out and will last a lifetime!
Friday 1st June:

Here at Bickerton Jewellery we specialise in pearl jewellery and currently have one of the largest selections of pearl jewellery in the Jewellery Quarter. As pearl is the birthstone for June, our feature of the week is a beautiful Tahitian pearl and diamond pendant. Tahitian pearls are found in Tahiti and are natural pearls from oysters. Usually slightly misshaped, Tahitian pearls vary in colour, the one pictured being grey. This pendant has been handmade by our craftsmen at Bickerton Jewellery with JMB hallmark. Set in 9 carat white gold with diamonds weighing 0.60cts the set, this pendant is a lovely piece of jewellery to wear on special occasions or every day!
 Thursday 24th May 2012:

A customer recently inquired about having a replica of Princess Diana/Kate Middleton's engagement ring. At Bickertons, we can source stones for a customer to view and choose from a selection. However, upon seeing the sapphires similar to those used in Princess Diana's engagement ring the customer decided they were too dark in colour and decided upon tanzanite. Sourced from Tanzania, tanzanites are a dark lilac in colour, bright and eyecatching. This ring is similar to the late Princess' with a few adaptations made by the customer. The shank of the ring is 18ct yellow gold but the diamonds and tanzanites are set in platinum as white metals tend to show up the stones better and by using platinum the stones are extra secure. The 10 diamonds around the tanzanite weigh 0.72cts the set. The centre tanzanite similarly weighs 0.72cts total. With JMB hallmark, this ring is similar to the late Princess' as the customer wanted and a beautiful item to own.

Thursday 17th May 2012:

Pictured below are a handmade pair of silver cufflinks set with a ruby in each cufflink and hand-engraved with the gentleman's daughter's names; Alexa and Darcy. These cufflinks are a beautiful keepsake. Bickerton Jewellery specialise in special one off pieces and would be happy to quote for a handmade commission. 
Thursday 10th May 2012:

On the 23rd April 2012 our daughter, Charlotte, turned 21. She already had the brown pearl pendant from her boyfriend and the brown pearl ring from us for Christmas. For her 21st Birthday her Grandparents bought her the tahitian brown pearl bangle to match. Tahitian pearls come from oysters, are natural and therefore come a variety of colours. Charlotte's jewellery has brown pearls with a tinge of green in them. Difficult to match, it took me a long time to find the perfect match. It was worth all the hard work as she loves them!! This jewellery has all been handmade on the premises by myself, is set in 9 carat yellow gold with brown tahitian pearls and diamonds. They are beautiful and she wears them all the time! She is a VERY lucky girl!!
Thursday 3rd May 2012:

Here at Bickerton Jewellery, we not only specialise in handmade pieces but also have a hand-engraver, one of very few in the Jewellery Quarter, meaning that any engraving needs can be met. This wedding band is an example of the exquisite engraving possible. This 3mm wide 18carat white band has an antique style hand-engraved pattern on the front and is handmade to a customer's individual specifications. Engraving can be inside the ring as well as on the outside, can be in any font and any pattern the design allows. This is a beautiful, one off hand-engraved and hand-made wedding band which will last a lifetime
 Thursday 26th April:

Here at Bickerton Jewellery, we specialise in handmade pieces to the customer's specification. Pictured is a 9 carat yellow gold rose brooch which was handmade for a customer of ours after her husband sadly passed away. Roses were a way of her remembering her husband and therefore Bickertons were able to draw out designs and handmake this beautiful brooch which the customer wears every day as a reminder of her husband. A beautiful remembrance.
Thursday 19th April 2012: 

At Bickerton Jewellery, we specialise in high quality jewellery and started working for the members of the British Army around 23 years ago. Because we manufacture the pieces ourselves, we are able to seel these direct to the public and Armed Forces at trade prices. Our popular ranges include Seal Style Signet Rings. These are made to order and are available in any finger size. We also produce cufflinks, tie stickpins, Lady's brooches and lapel studs. All items are available in Sterling Silver, 9ct gold, 18ct gold and platinum, and can be stone set as desired and as the design allows.
Pictured is our Royal Horse Regiment brooch which has been handmade in 9 carat yellow gold and, as discussed above, can be made in silver, white gold or platinum with diamonds or stones if required. The perfect present or remembrance, Bickertons regimental range is wide, exclusive and handmade to the customer's specifications. Just contact us for more details, quotes or design ideas.
Thursday 12th April 2012:

Feature of the week: 9 carat yellow gold pink sapphire and diamond dress ring. This design is one of Bickerton's specialities and is available in a wide range of different coloured stones and would also look beautiful in just diamond. For more information or design ideas simply visit our showroom.

 Friday 30th March 2012:
 Handmade platinum and diamond wedding ring weighing 9.9grams. This heavy weight ring is set with 18 diamonds weighing 1.40cts the set, colour H clarity VS2. Around the diamonds is engraving, making this ring a beautiful one off piece perfect for everyday wear. Eye-catching and exquisite, this ring can be made in male or female widths, sizes and styled to fit around an engagement ring if necessary.a
 Friday 16th March 2012:
Pictured is a beautiful Tahitian pearl and diamond pendant hanging on a 9 ct white gold wire with matching earrings placed either side. The earrings are droppers, a Bickerton special, meaning that the earrings simply hand onto a pair of diamond studs so that the customer doesn't have to keep buying more and more diamonds! Beautiful when worn, this pendant and matching Tahitian pearl earring set are an outstanding example of Bickerton's craftsmanship.
Friday 9th March 2012:

Bickerton's own handmade pearl 2 stone ring. Set in 9 carat yellow and white gold with a white and pearl set in, this ring is a one off, handmade piece to a customer's specifications. Exquisite and eye-catching, this ring can be handmade in any metal using any colour pearls.
Saturday 3rd March 2012:

Featured is one of Bickerton's handmade celtic bands made in 9 carat white gold to a customer's specifications. Bickertons have an extensive stock of celtic wedding bands arguably rivalling all others in the Jewellery Quarter in a selection of metals and designs. Bickertons work in yellow, white and rose gold or in a mix of all three (for example, we can make rings using yellow and rose and white gold if the customer would like)! 

Friday 17th February 2012

18ct white gold diamond engagement ring handmade by our craftsmen at Bickertons'. This piece is a one off Bickerton special and has a semi-crossover diamond rub over set weighing 0.30cts. A beautiful, unique diamond solitaire ring.
 Saturday 11th February 2012:

Pictured is a 9 carat yellow gold pearl and diamond ring. Tahitian pearls are natural pearls sourced from Tahiti and the diamondswere previously owned by the customer. She had no ideas of how she wanted to use the diamonds, she just knew she wanted pearl. Here at Bickertons we designed several different pieces and this is the result. From never wearing the diamonds she now wears this ring every day and loves it! She has since bought matching earrings and pendant. A beautifully eye-catching, every day set of jewellery.

Tuesday 31st January 2012:

 A handmade engagement, wedding and eternity ring set in 18ct white gold using pavee set diamonds weighing 1.04cts the set with 2 larger diamonds weighing 0.20cts each. Bickertons firstly handmade the engagement ring according to a photo the customers had found on the internet and subsequently have handmade wedding and eternity rings to fit next to this unusual engagement ring. The rings were made first in silver to assure that the customer was sure of the design and she now loves them!
 Saturday 28th January 2012:

Pictured is a 9 carat yellow gold wedding band handmade to a customer's specifications from a picture from the internet. The ring is 6mm wide and has handcarved flowers cut out of the metal. It is then engraved and polish finished. This ring can be done with diamonds set in the petals or in the centre of the flower. It is a beautiful stand alone wedding ring or can be handmade to fit with an engagement ring

 Tuesday 24th January 2012:

Pictured is a beautifully handcrafted amethyst and diamond 3 stone ring set in 9 carat white gold to a customer's design. Modern, fashionable and art-deco in design, this ring could be a relatively cheap engagement or dress ring being priced at under £1000. Amethysts are a beautiful deep purple colour and the two diamonds (colour H clarity VS1) set the ring off perfectly. Eye catching and handmade, this ring can be made with any centre coloured stone/diamonds. 

Saturday January 21st
18ct yellow gold engagement ring and matching shaped wedding ring. The couple who ordered these rings for special commission were replacing a lost original engagement ring of which they had a picture. Bickertons are able to handmake any piece of jewellery and therefore were able to handmake an exact replica of the original using a 0.50ct diamond of colour G clarity VS1. Following this, Bickertons drew down many designs for the couple who took them away to have a think. Having decided on one of the designs, Bickertons then handmade the wedding ring in silver first, marking the site of the diamonds so that the customers could make any design changes they wished before the final piece was handmade. We then handmade in 18ct yellow gold using diamonds to match the engagement ring of 0.10ct each. Together, the engagement ring and wedding ring compliment each other perfectly, and the engagement ring is an exact replica of the original. Bickertons will be happy to quote to remake any lost/stolen jewellery and, along with pictures etc, will be able to handmake an exact replica.
 Saturday 14th January:

9 carat yellow gold handmade blue and pink sapphire pendant. A customer came to the shop looking for inspiration for a piece of one off jewellery she wanted hand made. Our craftsmen at Bickerton's were able to design several pieces for her, of which she chose the pictured design. We then made it up in silver without the stones being set just so the customer could check it was exactly what she was thinking. This is the finished product. A beautiful, one off piece of jewellery exactly to her specifications which she can wear everyday.
 Saturday 7th January:

Here at Bickerton's, we handmake pieces of jewellery to customer's specifications. Our craftsmen designed this pendant for a customer, made it up in silver for her to view and then proceeded in making this piece. Using an amethyst weighing 2.3cts and grain set diamonds weighing approximately 0.45cts with a larger diamond weighing 0.33cts alone. This piece is set in 9ct white gold meaning it is a hard-wearing, elegant and eye-catching piece.  
 Thursday 22nd December:

On the birth of our daughters, their grandparents bought them a 0.60ct diamond, colour H clarity VS1. On their 18th Birthday, they designed their own ring using the diamond and pictured are the rings designed. Beautifully handmade, these rings are sentimental and never come off their fingers!

Thursday 15th December
Turquoise is the birthstone of December so, when our customer came in to the shop looking for gift ideas, our craftsmen showed them items in stock and drew down designs for the customer to look at based around the turquoise theme to fit in with the birthstone.
This pendant is set in 9 carat yellow gold and has a 0.10ct diamond above the turquoise.
The matching earrings are detachable diamond studs weighing 0.25cts the pair with bases set in 9 carat yellow gold. Having removable bases means that the diamond studs can be worn with or without the bases.
A versatile idea thought up by Bickertons. A beautiful hand-crafted set of jewellery.
Friday 9th December 2011: 

A customer bought her old diamonds in to Bickerton's and the craftsmen then drew down a few designs for her to choose from. This is the finished product, using 18ct white gold and the customer's own diamonds this piece is beautifully designer. 
Friday 2nd December:

A customer bought in her Mother's solitaire diamond ring and a tanzanite she had bought whilst on holiday abroad. Our craftsmen designed an array of pendants, rings and bangles for her to choose from. Pictured is the design she chose and the final product: a beautiful diamond and tanzanite pendant set in 18ct white gold.

At Bickerton's, we can remodel, design and handmake jewellery to a customer's specification. This is the perfect way of utilising all your old gold, stones and jewellery and making it into one, fashionable, wearable piece of eyecatching jewellery.
25th November:

Beautifully handcrafted 18 carat white gold 2 stone ring using diamonds weighing 0.38cts colour HVS2. This piece can be handmade using coloured stones such as sapphires or other precious stones and is a perfect one off piece. This could be worn as an engagement ring or simply a dress ring. Stylish and wearable.

 Friday 18th November:

18ct white gold pink sapphire and diamond 3 stone ring. Set in 18ct white gold, the pink sapphire weighs 1.37cts and the two pear shape diamonds weigh 0.28cts the pair. This ring has been handmade to the customer's specifications, using diamonds graded colour H and VS1. This ring could make the perfect engagement ring and is beautifully handmade using the finest stones and British gold.
Friday 11th November:

 This ring has a golden topaz weighing 0.95cts with two round cut diamonds either side weighing 0.31cts. Set in 18ct yellow gold, this bespoke ring would be the perfect Golden Anniversary present or could be an elegant engagement ring.
 Friday 4th November 2011:

Pictured is a pink and white diamond ring. Pink diamonds are very rare and when a customer enquired about having something handmade by us here at Bickertons using a pink diamond we bought in a selection for the customer to choose from. Having chosen the pink diamond they wanted from the selection, the customer then found a design on the internet similar to what they wanted and our craftsmen at Bickertons were then able to design a ring to the customer's specifications. The end result is a beautifully hand-made ring using pink and white diamonds set in platinum and handmade to the customer's desire.

 Friday 28th October:

3 stone sapphire ring set in 9 carat white gold. Using a yellow, blue and pink sapphire, this ring has been handmade to a customer's specification and designed by one of our craftsmen according to the customer's wishes and is an amazingly eye-catching piece

 Friday 21st October: 
 A Platinum 5mm ring with trilliant rubies and round diamonds off set into band. The customer came in to the shop with her Mother's old wedding ring. We redesigned the ring using the platinum and stones from her Mother's ring and remodelled it into this fascinating, eye-catching piece. We frequently remodel jewellery into something more wearable and special.
 Friday 7th October: 

Featured is a beautiful set of ruby and diamond jewellery set in 9 carat yellow gold. The customer started with the ruby ring which was handmade by us to her specifications. Then she decided she wanted a pendant to match so our craftsmen drew out a few different designs and she chose the one pictured. Earrings and bangle followed and now the customer wears them day to day and can dress the jewellery set up or down. A beautifully simple set of jewellery.

 Friday 14th October: 

 'Lord of the Rings' replica rings. Handmade in 9 carat yellow gold and hand-engraved using elvish text from the books and films, these rings are one off items made for a set of customers to wear as wedding rings. We made a gent's and lady's version mock-up in silver to make sure the design and text was correct and then handmade them in 9 carat yellow gold. These rings can be handmade in any metal and are an interesting one-off piece.
 Friday 30th September:

Here at Bickerton's we regularly remodel and refashion customer's old jewellery using their gold and stones to create a piece of jewellery which the owner can be proud to wear. Whether it is your Mother's old wedding ring you wish to have remodelled into something more wearable or you simply fancy a change, the craftsmen at Bickerton's would be happy to assist in redesigning a piece for you. This ring is a diamond cluster using 3 larger diamonds which were already owned by the customer. We supplied 6 smaller diamonds and the gold to set the diamonds in. This is a beautiful piece, and by using old stones the customer not only saved money but also kept that sentimental jewellery with her.

 Thursday 22nd September:

Beautifully handmade sapphire and diamond pendant in 9 carat yellow and white gold. Sapphire weighing approximately 1.40 cts with diamond weighing approximately 0.25cts. This piece can be made using any stones and is a lovely day to day piece but is always eye catching.

 Saturday 17th September:

Pictured is a beautifully hand-crafted opal and diamond bangle. Set in 9 carat yellow gold, the 9 Australian opals weigh 3.60cts the set and the 24 round diamonds weigh 0.34cts the set. This bangle can be made with any stone although these opals are beautiful and alter colour depending on the light and setting. A beautiful, eye-catching one off piece. 

 Saturday 3rd September:

Pictured is a beautifully hand-crafted ruby and diamond pendant made to the customer's specifications. The customer bought in a design pictured on the internet and here at Bickerton's we were able to design and make the perfect piece for the customer. Using a ruby of 0.42carats and 42 diamonds, this piece is an eye-catching one off. This piece can be made in any coloured stone and is a beautiful item.

 Thursday 25th August:
Beautifully hand-crafted 9 carat yellow gold pendant with pink tourmaline and diamond. This piece was designed by Bickerton's and can be hand-made with a variety of stones and metals. This piece is beautiful in amethyst as well and is the perfect Gold Wedding Anniversary present when made with golden topaz. We can also hand-make matching earrings, bangles, bracelets and rings so this piece can be the start of a fabulous collection.
Thursday 18th August:

Here at Bickerton's, we handmake the majority of jewellery in our show room and employ only the best, skilled workmen in the Jewellery Quarter. Above is a picture of a Rampant Lion family crest ring. If you have a family crest and would like it hand-engraved onto one of Bickerton's handmade seal style signet rings then just pop into our showroom and one of our craftsmen would be happy to discuss your ideas. These family crest rings can be made in any metal with any stones the customer wishes.

Thursday 10th August:

A beautifully hand made 18 carat yellow gold 'art deco' style ring made to customer's specifications. She is a long-standing customer who has recently moved to Australia and yet won't get her jewellery anywhere else!! Made using emeralds and diamonds, this is a stunning piece.

 4th August 2011:

Handmade 18 carat white gold green tourmaline and diamond ring. Green tourmaline weighs 2.75 carats and diamonds 0.55cts the set. This beautiful ring has been designed and handmade this week for a customer to her specifications to be worn as an engagement ring and is sure to get glances wherever she goes! This ring can be re-designed and made with different stones or metal and is a timelessly classic style.

 July 30th:

This beautifully handmade, eyecatching 18ct white gold aquamarine and diamond dress ring can be made using any metal/ stones and is 'art deco' in style. This ring can be worn either as a dress ring or as an engagement ring.

Thursday July 21st:

Handmade 9carat yellow gold cufflinks with 0.10ct diamond set in each cufflink. These are the perfect present for a Birthday or best-man and can be made with different stones/metals. These cuffli nks hav been made with solid swivel backs but can be made with the more traditional chain backs to them. Cufflinks are the perfect gift for any man and can be worn day in day out. Being handmade just makes them that little bit more special.

16th July 2011
We initially designed this ring for a family member as her wedding ring. It turned out so well that we now stock this design in our shop and take orders from it. Pictured here the ring is made from 18ct white gold and is set with round and baguette diamonds weighing 0.62cts in total. 
We have also made this ring in yellow gold, and with coloured stones as an eternity ring.
10th July 2011
At Bickerton Jewellery, we specialise in pearls, and in particular in Tahitian Pearls. Tahitian Pearls occur naturally within the South Seas, and it is the greyness of the sands on the sea bed which give Tahitian Pearls their unique colour.
We carry a large selection of Tahitian Pearls in stock, both as pearl strings and as individual pendants and earrings. We also have a selection of loose Tahitian Pearls which can be made up into any design to make a unique piece of jewellery.
This Tahitian Pearl has been mounted in 9ct gold with a single diamond. The beauty of Tahitian Pearls is in their simplicity, and we are always happy to discuss your ideas for a uniquely designed piece.

16th June 2011

When our daughter, Melissa turned 18, she wanted an amethyst and diamond ring for her birthday. She already had the centre diamond which had been given to her by her grandmother, so she picked 2 pear shaped amethysts to sit either side of the diamond. We made it in 18ct white gold for her, and she loves it! It never comes off her finger!

9th June 2011

18ct white gold wedding ring made to order. Our customer saw a ring in our shop which she liked, but wanted to modify it and add more diamonds. Her design incorporated 15 larger diamonds, rubover set and weighing 1.50cts in total, and 100 smaller diamonds, grain set and weighing 1.40cts in total. This gave a total diamond weight of 2.90cts.



2nd June 2011

At the end of May we made this 18ct gold opal and diamond pendant for a customer. The black opal, mined from Lightening Ridge in Australia weighs 3.66cts and measures 12.2mm x 9.3mm. The diamond weighs 0.06cts. All the stones are rubover set, and the pendant took us 3 weeks to handmake in our own workshop.