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Feature Of The Week 2013: 

Each week this page will feature a new piece of jewellery that we are currently making. It may be a piece which we shall be putting into stock in our retail shop because we have come across a particularly nice stone, or have just been experimenting with new designs. Or we may feature a bespoke piece made to a customer's specification which we have enjoyed making. Please scroll down the page to see past weekly features.

Feature of the week:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery special; aquamarine and pearl pendant set in 9carat yellow gold. We handmake this pendant in a range of semi-precious stones including opal, fire opal and amethyst. It is a beautiful, unique piece and is an affordable last minute Christmas present! Just pop into our shop to see the range of offer.

Saturday 14th December 2013:

Bickerton Jewellery handmake the vast majority of jewellery shown in our showroom. This photograph shows the jewellery which was bought in to Bickerton Jewellery. She was left some diamonds from her Grandmother's engagement ring and wanted to use the diamonds in her own engagement and wedding ring, adding some diamonds as necessary. The finished outcome is a beautiful cross over 3 stone 18ct white gold engagement ring and a shaped wedding ring with 6 pave set diamonds across the front.

Saturday 7th December: 

Photographed is a beautiful purple sapphire and diamond three stone ring. A customer came into the shop and expressed the desire to see some purple and blue sapphires around 2.5-3.00cts. Steve laid his hands on a range and the customer came back in to see the stones. She fell in love with this beautiful purple sapphire which has vague hints of blue but is unique and eye-catching. Our craftsmen handmade the ring for her in 18ct white gold with a centre sapphire weighing 2.68cts and 2 side diamonds weighing 0.63cts the pair. A beautiful ring which we are sure she will love!

Saturday 30th November 2013:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery one off. A gentleman came in to the shop with a copy of his full family crest which he wanted to have seal engraved onto one of our heavy, solid signet rings. 
We get the family crest made into a wax and sell the signet ring along with the wax to our customers. 
A beautiful one off piece which is long-lasting and unique.

Saturday 9th November 2013:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery special, a beautiful pair of matching wedding rings. A couple came in with an idea for a wedding ring design and Bickerton's craftsmen were able to promptly quote and start the job. The result is this; a beautiful 4mm satin finished lady's wedding band with grain set diamonds across the front and a 6mm matching gent's band, minus the diamonds. The couple are very happy and cannot wait to show friends and family their handmade, unique, matching wedding rings!

Saturday 2nd November 2013:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery special. A customer had seen a ring in a boodles catalogue and had fallen in love with it. However, as is common with designer or high-street jewellers, she knew that she could get the piece for a small portion of the price from us as a handmade item. We used the pictures she had found in the catalogue to source a range of diamonds. We showed the diamonds to the customer to ensure that she would be happy with the size, colour and clarity. We then handmade the piece, with the customer being involved every step of the manufacturing process. The customer was over the moon with the finished item and it extremely pleased that she came to us for the piece rather than buying it off the shelf. So if it's a high-street or designer retailers piece you love, it is always worth checking with us, a family business, what price we could make an identical piece for. 

Saturday 26th October 2013:

Photographed is a beautiful Bickerton Jewellery one off. A couple visited our show room looking for an engagement ring and fell in love with this design. The ring they saw had aquamarine and diamonds in but the lady wanted a tanzanite and rose gold. We handmade this unique piece. The couple were incredibly happy with the finished result!

Saturday 19th October 2013:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery one off. Parents of twins came into the shop to find the perfect 21st Birthday present for their daughters. Their daughter's birth stone is peridot so they knew they wanted a piece of jewellery with peridot in. Our Bickerton Jewellery craftsmen were able to draw out several designs and this was the finished result! Two beautiful, unique peridot and diamond pendants with an oval peridot weighing 0.50cts and off-set round cut diamonds weighing 0.48cts the set. The girls loved their present! Lucky girls!!

Feature of the week:

Opal is the birthstone for October so photographed this week is a beautiful opal and diamond pendant which Bickerton Jewellery handmade to order using an opal which our stone dealer found. Opals come in a variety of colours, from almost white to green to blue. This is a beautifully unique colour with deep tones of green, turquoise and blue and was the perfect stone for the customer in question. She was delighted upon receiving it and says her pendant often mentioned and discussed by total strangers! That's when you know you have a lovely piece of jewellery! 

Saturday 28th September 2013:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery one off. A couple came in wanting to buy a present for their Ruby Wedding Anniversary. They looked at the pieces we hold in stock but already had a design in mind. They drew down the design and Bickerton Jewellery's craftsmen were able to work from that to handmake this beautiful ruby and diamond cluster in 18carat yellow and white gold. A truly unique item made to the customer's specifications and to the customer's budget!


Saturday 21st September 2013:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery special commission. The customer came in with a sapphire and wanted it set in a ring. She didn't want to spend too much money but wanted the ring to look glitzy and sparkly. We were able to draw down a vast selection of designs for her to choose from and this is the finished product! Beautiful and just what she wanted!

Saturday 14th September 2013:

Photographed is a beautiful pair of Bickerton Jewellery earrings using white cultured pearls measuring 7mmx5mm and a round cut diamonds weighing 0.10cts the pair. These earrings are bases which are detachable from the pear shaped diamond studs which the customer had previously bought from Bickertons. 
We do these detachable earrings in many stones, not just pearl. We have a beautiful selection of coloured stone and diamond bases. Why not pop in to our showroom to discuss these Bickerton specials?

Saturday 7th September 2013:

Photographed is a beautiful Bickerton Jewellery one off. A long-standing customer at the shop came in with a design in mind, was able to draw it down and our craftsmen at Bickerton Jewellery were able to make this vision a reality. With a beautiful, clear marquise shaped emerald set in the centre and diamonds grain set around it and into the shoulders, this ring is a contemporary take on a very traditional design. A timeless piece!

Saturday 31st August 2013:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery special commission. A gentleman visited the shop with a picture of Elvis Presley's ring and wanted an exact replica made. We handmade this ring in 18 carat yellow gold using diamonds and onyx in the exact design of Elvis Presley's ring! The customer was ecstatic and the ring gets frequently noticed and recognised!

Saturday 17th August 2013:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery customer's engagement and wedding ring. The customer visited the shop looking to have her 5 stone half eternity ring remodelled into a wedding ring using the stones, existing gold and the gold from her wedding ring. Bickerton Jewellery's craftsmen were able to design this beautiful wedding ring using her 5 stones and adding extras in a random effect, modern looking wedding ring. We then altered the setting on her engagement ring to make the newly remodelled wedding ring and engagement ring sit together perfectly. The customer was delighted and everyone agrees the wedding ring is beautiful!

Saturday 10th August 2013:

Photographed is a beautiful marquise shaped diamond claw set in 2 'V' claws in platinum. This diamond is a certificated diamond at colour E clarity VS2 and looks fabulous in this simple setting. The customer approached us with an idea for a design and asked us to find him some appropriate diamonds to his specification. Steve got 6 for him to look at and he was able to see the stones with their certificates unset and then make a decision following that.


Satuday 3rd August:

We are overjoyed to announce that Steve's daughter 'Charlotte' has just got engaged, Steve made the sapphire and diamond 3 stone ring in 18ct yellow and white gold to Charlotte's fiance Jack's specification. Jack popped the question on the first night of their holiday in Egypt on Sunday night! The ring is an octagonal sapphire, with 2 emerald cut diamonds either side, claw set in white gold, with a yellow gold shank, Charlotte is delighted with the ring, especially as Jack designed it and her Dad made it for her. 
We would like to wish Charlotte and Jack all the best for their future together.

Saturday 13th July 2013:

A beautiful 18ct yellow gold engagement ring with a diamond rub over set.
A unique 18ct rose gold wedding band with pebble effect design.
A one-off 18ct white gold full eternity band with diamonds grain set in the band.

Together, they create a fabulous stacked effect.

Saturday 29th June 2013:

Photographed are a Bickerton Jewellery special. These cufflinks are 9carat yellow gold celtic style with a beautiful garnet set in the centre. The cufflinks have been hand-crafted and are fantastically unique and eye-catching. A great present for that 'special' Birthday!

Saturday 6th July 2013:

Bickerton Jewellery specialise in fine pearl jewellery and have a vast range of akoya cultured pearls, fresh water pearls and natural tahitian pearls in stock. Photographed are a string of akoya cultured pearls which are a slightly creamy colour. The customer bought these from stock about 2 years ago and has been thrilled. For her Birthday, her husband managed to prize the pearls off her neck (!) to have a matching ring handmade in akoya cultured pearl, the exact same colour as his wife's necklace. Our craftsmen at Bickerton Jewellery were able to perfectly match the pearls and came up with this design for the ring as all our stock ring designs were not quite what he had in mind. The finished item is a beautiful, one-off pearl ring which perfectly matches her lovely string of akoya cultured pearls. An affordable, thoughtful Birthday present.

Saturday 22nd June 2013:

A lady visited our showroom hoping to find some cufflinks for her husband's 'special birthday'. Unfortunately, we didn't have quite what she was looking for. Therefore, she was able to draw a picture of what she was ideally looking for and our craftsmen were able to quote to handmake the cufflinks for her. This fabulous pair of cufflinks is the outcome; a beautiful one off present to the customer's specifications.

Saturday 15th June 2013:

Photographed is a beautiful white opal ring set in 9carat yellow gold. This was handmade by our craftsmen to a customer's specifications as an inexpensive 18th Birthday present. The customer has since visited the shop again and bought a matching bangle for his daughter's 21st Birthday! A lovely one off piece which she loves and wears day in day out.

Saturday 8th June 2013:

Featured this week is a Bickerton Jewellery special commission for a couple who have been customers for many years. They had their engagement ring handmade by us after seeing a ring of a similar design in stock.This beautiful engagement ring is set in 18ct white gold with a curved band and a diamond set in 2 claws. The couple then visited our shop again looking for a wedding ring and decided upon a traditional, classic plain band to sit on the other side of their engagement ring. Here at Bickerton Jewellery, we discussed perhaps making a curved band to fit the other side of the engagement ring but the couple decided upon a straight band. They then decided they wanted a half eternity ring to fit with the other two pieces. The couple had a design in mind and wanted another curved band to set off the engagement ring. We were able to handcraft a piece in silver to show them before making the half-eternity ring in 18carat white gold with 7 diamonds claw set. These three rings look perfect with each other and are classy yet unique. Our customers love the rings! 

Friday 31st May 2013:

Photographed is a beautiful Bickerton Jewellery one off. A gentleman bought this stone in to be valued by Bickerton Jewellery's staff. Upon finding out that the stone was a good blue topaz, the gentleman decided to have it mounted in a ring for his daughter. Because of his religious beliefs, the stone had to touch his daughter's skin. Therefore, Bickerton Jewellery were able to hand-make a beautiful low-lying shank which his daughter loves!

Saturday 25th May 2013:


Photographed is a beautifully hand-crafted pendant made in 9carat white gold hanging on a 16" 9carat white gold chain. Hand-made to the customer's specifications, this piece is exquisite with a large aquamarine and 2 brilliant cut diamonds. Perfect for every-day wear or simply a one-off dress piece, this pendant would make a perfect present for a special occasion.

Saturday 18th May 2013:

Feature of the week this week is a Bickerton Jewellery one-off. A couple came into the shop to look at our extensive range of Celtic wedding bands. However, upon finding nothing they loved, Steve was able to draw up a couple of designs for them to see. The couple loved these rings so we made a lady's and a gent's silver mock-up in their finger size and they, under no obligation, came back to the shop to try them on. They were thrilled and ordered them in 18carat white gold. Photographed is the finished product: perfectly matching Celtic wedding rings for a lady and a gent in the appropriate finger size to their specifications. Beautifully unique, these wedding rings will last a life-time and always look fantastic.
Saturday 4th May 2013

Here at Bickerton Jewellery, we do a lot of work remounting stones which our customers no longer wear because they are mounted in unfashionable pieces. The feature of the week this week is a beautiful pink tourmaline and diamond ring using a customer's old stones. We were able to draw out 12 designs for the customer before she chose this one: a beautiful, one-off, unique piece of jewellery using her sentimental stones and metal.

Saturday 27th April 2013:

A customer bought in a range of coloured stones and diamonds; she wanted an eye-catching, large pendant handmade by our craftsmen. She spoke face-to-face with the craftsman who designed and created this piece for her and this is the finished result: a beautiful, unique amethyst, pink tourmaline and blue topaz bubble pendant with diamonds off-set. The whole pendant is 9 carat white gold and is the perfect one-off piece for this customer.

Saturday 13th April 2013:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery engagement ring which was handmade to order to a customer's specifications. The customers wanted something different from the usual solitaire with diamonds in the shoulders and saw a diamond three stone in our shop. The couple then discussed coloured stones with Steve and settled on a deep, bright sapphire like is pictured. Steve was then able to source a selection of sapphires for the couple to choose from and made the ring first in silver so they could better imagine the ring; this is the finished result. A beautiful sapphire and diamond 3 stone using diamonds weighing 0.24cts the pair, colour E clarity VS2 and a beautifully bright, deep blue sapphire set in platinum.
Friday 5th April 2013:

Photographed is Bickerton Jewellery special which we stock in a range of metals and coloured stones. The item in the photo is a 9carat white gold pendant with blue topaz and diamond claw set in, though this can be hand-made to the customer's specifications.

This piece is a noticeable, eye-catching piece and is perfect for Brides, Mother of the Bride or for a special Birthday present. The pendant can be made in the wedding colours, to match an outfit or can be made in a specific birthstone if required. Furthermore, this pendant looks beautiful in golden topaz and would make a fantastic golden wedding anniversary present!
This pendant is available with a vast choice of chains and the design can be altered if desired.
Saturday 20th March 2013:
Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery one-off. This beautiful piece is the perfect engagement ring for our customers who wanted a marquise diamond with round cut diamonds set in the shoulders; a classic, traditional design with a modern twist. Bickerton Jewellery were able to source a selection of diamonds for the customer to choose from, were able to firstly make the piece in silver to ensure the customer was happy with the design and then handmade this in  18ct white gold to the customer's specifications. This is a beautiful, unique piece where the bottom of the head of the engagement ring has been gently tapered to allow for a wedding ring to sit snugly by its side.
Saturday 16th March 2013:

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery special which was made for a gentleman celebrating his ruby wedding anniversary with his wife. He had a budget of £1000 and therefore we were able to design a range of pieces of jewellery for him. He chose this half eternity ring using ruby and diamond set in 18ct yellow gold.

This is a beautiful one-off piece and we're sure his wife will love it!
Saturday 9th March 2013:

 Pictured are family crest rings made in 9 and 18carat yellow gold. These rings can alternatively be made in white gold.

The one has the crest seal-engraved on the face of the ring whereas the other has a bloodstone set in the front of the ring and the crest has been cut into the stone. Both rings were specially made for a customer of ours who found their family crest online and printed a picture. We were able to quote, draw out a design to show him what the rings would look like and were then able to handmake to his exact specifications. 

These family crest rings are the perfect Birthday present for your husband or Father and can also be made in lady's finger size (the whole ring is scaled down) meaning it could be the perfect wedding present for your daughter-in-law, wife or daughter. A lovely, handmade, specialist, one-off piece.
Saturday 2nd March 2013:
Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery one off. A customer came in with a range of jewellery pieces she had inherited from a relative but the jewellery wasn't her style and she knew she wasn't going to wear it. She decided to use the diamonds and gold to make a dress ring which she could wear every day. She told Bickerton Jewellery some vague ideas and we were able to design this art-deco style ring using all her diamonds which were all different sizes. She now wears the ring every day without fail and is always getting people comment and admire it! 

Here at Bickertons, we specialise in turning your old jewellery into a new piece you can be proud of! So whether it's a bunch of loose stones, jewellery pieces you no longer wear or are out of fashion, just bring them in to us and we'll sort out designs for you!
 Saturday 16th February:

Photographed is a 9ct rose and yellow gold gent's dress ring handmade by Bickerton Jewellery's fine craftsmen. The gentleman came in wanting a one-off piece with his initials hand-engraved onto a plate on the front. We were able to draw down many designs and this is the finished result! A lovely 6mm dress ring with yellow and rose gold detailing and script style hand-engraving on the front. He loves it and wears it all the time.
Saturday 9th February 2013:

Photographed are a pair of 9ct yellow gold cufflinks handmade for a customer's 'big birthday'!! His wife came in wanting the perfect, memorable and lasting present and Bickerton's designed these, set with a ruby which is the gentleman's favourite stone... Hopefully he likes them!

Bickerton's craftsmen are available to speak face to face with our customers meaning that they know exactly what the customer's specifications and ideals are. 
Saturday 2nd February 2013: 

Photographed is a Bickerton Jewellery one off. A lady came into the shop with a range of different shaped diamonds she had collected over time. She wanted them all put into one piece of jewellery to wear every day. Bickerton's craftsmen were able to design a range of pieces for her including pendants, earrings, a bangle and rings. This ring was her choice. 18carat yellow gold (to match all the rest of her jewellery) in the centre with platinum mounts to the diamonds and to edge the ring (as this is the hardest wearing metal). The ring was 6mm wide so relatively chunky for a lady's ring but she loved it! The rope style decoration is a lovely extra touch making this one-off piece even more special and unique. 

Bickerton's strive to keep all our customers happy and make that piece of jewellery they will love for the rest of their lives. Everyone deserves a little spoiling don't they?!
 Saturday 26th January 2013:

Photographed are 3 rings hand-made by Bickerton Jewellery, the first being the engagement ring with an emerald cut diamond set in 18carat white gold, side on so that the engagement ring fits well with the wedding and eternity ring. The next ring to be made was the wedding ring with emerald cut diamonds rub-over set in 18carat white gold. The customer came to the shop with many different ideas and we designed some choices for her and she chose this one as it matched her engagement ring almost perfectly. Next was the eternity ring which she wears in the middle, rub-over set with round cut diamonds to contrast the rest of the emerald cut diamonds. This is a lovely set of jewellery which she loves to wear every day. Next is the pendant to match, then the earrings!!
 Saturday 19th January 2013:

Featured this week is a Bickerton special; this wedding ring is hand-made on the premises with incredible detail and innovation. The ring photographed is 9carat white gold. However, Bickerton's can hand-make in 9carat yellow, 18carat yellow or white, platinum or palladium to sit with any engagement ring. Set with 6 diamonds weighing a total of 0.12cts, this ring is beautifully intricate and the perfect wedding ring to wear alone or to set off an art-deco style engagement ring. We can do this ring narrower if it is too wide and can alter the design to a customer's specifications. 

 Saturday 12th January 2013:

Photographed is a Bickerton special: a beautiful diamond cluster engagement ring. Customers came into the shop with a range of rings with diamonds in which they wanted incorporated into an engagement ring. We were able to design a range of ideas for the couple who decided on the timeless and lovely cluster ring. Bickerton's supplied the central diamond and were able to show the customers the ring throughout the process so that they were fully involved in the making process and were able to alter as we went. This lovely one-off piece is sentimental because of the old diamonds used but also is a beautiful new engagement ring