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Featured here is our Sterling Silver 321 EOD Squadron Brooch.

This brooch measures 29mm x 20mm, and weighs 7g in Sterling Silver, 7.7g in 9ct gold.


This EOD 321 Squadron Brooch is also available in yellow or white gold.


Sterling Silver EOD 321 Squadron Brooch £95

9ct gold EOD 321 Squadron Brooch (yellow or white gold) £395

18ct gold EOD 321 Squadron Brooch (yellow or white gold) £865

Our EOD 321 Squadron range is available to order in Sterling Silver, 9ct gold or 18ct gold.
Featured here are our precisely designed EOD 321 Squadron Cufflinks.


Sterling Silver EOD 321 Squadron Cufflinks £95
9ct gold EOD 321 Squadron Cufflinks £395
18ct gold EOD 321 Squadron Cufflinks £865



Our EOD 321 Squadron cufflinks measure 20mm x 12mm and weigh 8.6g in Sterling Silver, 9.4g in 9ct gold.

The face of our 321 EOD Squadron Tie Stickpin measures 12mm x 20mm. This Tie Stickpin weighs 3.8g in Sterling Silver, 4.2g in 9ct gold gold.

Sterling Silver 321 EOD Squadron Tie Stickpin £85

9ct gold 321 EOD Squadron Tie Stickpin £180

Our 321 EOD Squadron lapel stud is available in yellow gold or white gold, and measures 20mm x 12mm. This lapel stud weighs 2.9g in Sterling Silver, 3.2g in 9ct gold.

Sterling Silver EOD 321 Squadron Lapel Stud £55

9ct gold EOD 321 Squadron Lapel £110


Sterling Silver EOD 321 Squadron Pendant £90

9ct gold EOD 321 Squadron Pendant £200

18ct gold EOD 321 Squadron Pendant £430


This pendant is available in yellow gold or white gold, and measures 20mm x 12mm. This pendant weighs 2.9g in Sterling Silver, 3.2g in 9ct gold.

All items are available to order by calling our retail shop on:
0121 551 0509, or by email at:

Postage is by fully insured registered post at a charge of £7.00 within the UK, and £15.00 outside the UK
We take all major credit cards and Paypal.